Theatre: Create – Share – Live IT

Opensource  Interactive Theatre

An Immersive Experience

We dream to break the wall between spectators and performers, nobody is just watching, nobody is just performing, everybody is living.
We love to mix theatre, dance, opera, music, singing,game,  visual and multimedia art to create experiences, We want everybody to feel a immersed into the performance, We build worlds, small pocket universes in which everybody is living and creating  an Immersive Theatrical Experience and we do it together with you..
Human creativity is a shared process We love open sources of creativity, let’s Opensource Art We hope you want to contribute, modify and make it living wherever in the world CREATE – SHARE – LIVE  Let’s do it together! In Parpignol Theatre we define our events as Opensource Immersive Experiences.

Opensource Theatre

We are a open group of persons with love to art and to develope ideas. We pursue a new form of creation process opensourcing the artistic performance and developing multidisciplinary projects. All our work will be published online since the first conception and  eveybody interested can contribute to the development. Or you can simply take the materials and perform it in your own place, we love when ideas travels.

Immersive Theatrical Experience

We love theatre, music, dance, game, opera and all the traditional form of art and we want to bring all together in the 21st century trasforming a performance into an experience. In our works we create pocket universes where there is no actor or spectator but only participant with different roles in an interactive theatre. We play with stories, people and settings, leaving the traditional stage for specifically set up  real places in real world. We love to experiment, and would love to hear your ideas. Build worlds and  Tell stories,through an alive Opensource Immersive Theatrical Experience.

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